Everyone’s favorite uncle and grandpa is back on DVD—and this time, he’s spreading his catch phrase around in the all-new Cartoon Network DVD, Uncle Grandpa: Good Mornin’! Uncle Grandpa and his extraordinary friends Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Belly Bag & Giant Realistic Flying Tiger bring magic and happiness everywhere they pop up… and you never know when or where that may be. With a collection of 12 episodes from the popular animated series, fans can expect unpredictable wackiness, crazy adventures, and imaginative lands all wrapped up in one DVD available April 7 for the suggested retail price of $14.97.

My oh my, how cartoons have changed since I’ve been a kid. Uncle Grandpa is a very different kind of cartoon but follows a lot of newer cartoon trends. The new trend seems to be to stuff as much random situations in a cartoon and see what you get. For example, a character wanting a nickname defeats a huge dragon, only to be nicknamed Cupcake. What you get is a really random cartoon with over the top storylines where anything can happen and nothing is predictable. The one thing that remains in cartoons these days is imagination and Uncle Grandpa definitely keeps the imagination running wild.

With this collection, you get 132 minutes of Uncle Grandpa which means 12 episodes of total randomness. The episodes include:

1. Brain Game
2. Moustache Cream
3. Nickname
4. Locked Out
5. Mystery Noise
6. Bad Morning
7. Bezt Frends
8. Hide and Seek
9. The History of Wrestling
10. Vacation
11. Aunt Grandma
12. Grounded

As for bonus features, Cartoon Network doesn’t seem to be too big on them as they once again left bonus features out on another collection of a Cartoon Network series. I think if Cartoon Network added some bonus features, then it make it a must own collection for any Uncle Grandpa fan.

Is it worth the buy? For fans of Uncle Grandpa...it depends. The first season of Uncle Grandpa is available on Netflix and the first six episodes from this collection are on that first season, so if you don’t have access to Netflix, then this would be a good reason to buy the Good Mornin’ collection. You can’t get many collections for under twenty dollars these days and this one is only $14.97.

Uncle Grandpa: Good Mornin’ will be available on DVD April 7.