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Two Teaser Trailers for the “Man of Steel”

Hey fellow nerds, Karla from Downey here for Nuke the Fridge.

Today both MSN and Yahoo have released teaser trailers for the “Man of Steel,” which will hit theaters in 2013. The teaser shows just enough to whet our appetites without giving the plot away.

The footage for both trailers are the same for MSN and Yahoo, but it’s the narration that makes them different. In the MSN version, Russell Crowe can be heard speaking as Jor-El, Superman’s biological father. The Yahoo version features Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive earth father. Both fathers offer words of wisdom in both versions of each trailer.

When you first watch the trailer, it’s hard to tell that it is a teaser for the Superman movie.  It depicts a young Clark Kent playing super hero, and then the next thing you see is Superman flying high up into the sky breaking the sound barrier along the way.

Check them out and tell us what you think.