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Two More Added to the Cast of Star Wars: Episode VII and Update on Filming Delay


Disney has announced today that two actors have been added to the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII cast,  actress Crystal Clarke and actor Pip Anderson.

These names are unfamiliar to just about all of us, so I had to go to IMDb to see what some of their credits were.

Crystal Clarke

Crystal Clarke is an American actress studying in the UK. She so far only has three credits to her name which are a short called “White Romeo,” a film that is set to be out in 2015 called “The Moon and the Sun,” and she is currently filming a movie called “Woman in Gold,” where it looks like she will be an extra.

Pip Anderson in Amazing Spider-Man Sony Ad

Pip Anderson is a British actor and a stunt double. He too has little credits to his name. He has appeared in a music video as a stunt double and also participated in MTV’s ” Ultimate Parkour Challenge.” Anderson’s most recent work was in an Amazing Spider-man ad for Sony.

Here’s what producer and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy had to say about the additions to the cast:

The Star Wars universe has always been about discovering and nurturing young talent and in casting Episode VII we wanted to remain absolutely faithful to this tradition. We are delighted that so many traveled to see us at the open casting calls and that we have been able to make Crystal and Pip a part of the film.

Going with some unknown names can be a good thing. Especially since that was a key part in the original Star Wars trilogy. At that time, names like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, were not quite household names yet. Not saying that Crystal Clarke and Pip Anderson will be known as much, but you never know. Disney has not stated which roles they will be playing.

Ford broken leg

As for the delay of production due to Harrison Ford’s injury to his leg, Starwars.com said that “the team will take a brief two-week hiatus while adjustments to the current production schedule are made as actor Harrison Ford recovers from a leg injury. Harrison is doing well and is looking forward to returning to the set soon. Shooting remains on track to wrap in the fall with the film scheduled for release on December 18, 2015.”