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TV Review: UNDER THE DOME Episode 12


TV Review: Under the Dome Episode 12 By Trevor Roberts Jr

This week saw Big Jim finally rise to power as the sole authority in Chester’s Mill.  He uses Barbie’s disappearance as an excuse to enact Martial Law and organize door-to-door searches of all the town’s homes.  The only thing left for Jim to do is to tie up a few loose ends to protect his story: get rid of Barbie and Julia.  Meanwhile, Linda, the interim Sherriff, tries desperately to keep the town from completely turning into a police state.  The scared town residents aren’t making her job any easier as they willingly side with Big Jim (social commentary, anyone?).

Dodee, the Radio Station Engineer, continues monitoring military frequencies and hears interesting news about Barbie as well as what the military knows about the town and Big Jim.  It seems that Big Jim isn’t as good at covering his tracks as he thought.  Also, Angie manages to place doubts in Junior’s mind regarding why his father is so preoccupied with keeping Julia under constant watch.  As the series goes on, Jim seems to be heading for a big fall, and it will be great to see it unfold.

Next episode is the season finale, and the show’s numbers have been good enough to be renewed for a second season.  There will be a big standoff between Barbie and Jim.  Also, the mysterious egg that is powering the dome is undergoing a literal metamorphosis.  The season’s final episode should be action-packed.  Stay tuned for our next review.