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TOXIC AVENGER Remake Still “Trying to Happen,” Without Schwarzenegger

toxic-avengerAfter the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 press conference today, I went up to director Steve Pink to ask about the Toxic Avenger remake he wrote. He’s still hopeful, but realistic about its dormancy after he completed the script.

“Unknown,” Pink said. “It’s always in a state of trying to happen, like movies these days, so I hope for the best. Script’s done. Script’s been done.”

Sadly, the delays may have cost us Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was going to play a new character who trains the Toxic Avenger to use his powers. “Arnold’s I think not doing it anymore,” Pink said. “It’s a bummer, because he’s did the Terminator movie instead.”

The Toxic Avenger was a low budget Troma classic about a nerd who falls into a vat of toxic waste, mutates and gains super powers. The original spawned three sequels, and the environmental and super hero themes are still relevant today. Pink would direct the big budget Hollywood remake.

“It’s still ironic and twisted and certainly in the spirit of the franchise, but we smooth out the edges into something really cool.”