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imageWith the Deadpool trailer being released yesterday, director Tim Miller spoke with Empire to explain a bit of what we will see in the film:

The movie will flash back and forth in time throughout. The scene where Deadpool and Vanessa are talking post surgery, doesn’t kick off the film.

Deadpool’s got a deep disdain of superheroes, and they recorded a voiceover where Wade says “’Even if you have cancer, just murdered a man in Mexico and you’re on the brink of death, if someone offers you the choice to become a superhero, the answer should be no…’”

Only Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, but the green lantern Joke Probably won’t make the final cut of the film. Tim miller had this to say about that “You can’t only play to the comic fans. He’s spouting weird shit all the time, and if you don’t pick up on every joke, that’s fine. But you can’t leave everybody behind all the time. Any joke that an audience needs to look up on the internet after the movie is not something I’m in favour of. But that scene’s one for the DVD extras, for sure.”

Deadpool is sitting on the bridge, waiting for Ajax, who he believes can fix his face, but there’s a convoy and Deadpool only has 12 bullets to take down a lot of bad guys.

There’s a five-year gap in the film where Deadpool accepts that he can’t be fixes and becomes the best Hitman ever.

Miller offered the role of Colossus to Daniel Cudmore, who played the role in previous X-Men films, but he declined since the character would be CGI.

If Deadpool 2 ever happens, Miller says They’ll have to make Cable the villain, “we’ll be run out of town on a rail.” Cable also seems like a smart introduction since Cable can get Fox to X-Force, and further build the studio’s roster of superhero properties.”