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The TRANSFORMERS Franchise May Reboot Very Soon!

Transformer World 2005 revealed that Hasbro currently has plans to reboot the “TRANSFORMERS” film franchise after the release of the “BUMBLEBEE” spinoff which will be released at the end of the year; Hasbro made the announcement yesterday morning at the New York Toy Fair.

Michael Bay’s “TRANSFORMERS” films started in 2007 followed by four sequels: “REVENGE OF THE FALLEN” (2009), “DARK OF THE MOON” (2011), “AGE OF EXTINCTION” (2014), and “THE LAST KNIGHT” (2017).

Hasbro and studio partner Paramount Pictures decided to reboot the franchise after the lackluster release of the fourth sequel, “THE LAST KNIGHT”, which grossed only $44 million in its opening weekend on a $200 million budget.

The “TRANSFORMERS” film series was widely known to smash box-office records but at the same time be critically panned by film critics. The latest sequels have been bringing in less money for Paramount and Hasbro so it makes sense for them to reboot the whole franchise now.

Hasbro is now self-financing new film and television series’ based on their toy properties. Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the “TRANSFORMERS” films, has set release dates for four new films based on Hasbro properties. The films include a new “G.I. JOE”, “MICRONAUTS”, “DUNGEONS & DRAGONS”, and an untitled “PARAMOUNT/HASBRO Event Film” which are set to release in 2020 and 2021.