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THE NEW MUTANTS Press Conference Recap: Josh Boone Confirmed No Reshoots & More!


In THE NEW MUTANTS (In theaters now), Magik, Wolfsbane, and other teenage mutants try to come to grips with their superpowers while staying at a secret facility.

Okay, pinch me ladies and gentlemen because I’ve been waiting for The New Mutants to open in theaters for a very long time and it’s finally here. The unfortunate part is since I live in the Los Angeles area there is really no way for me to watch the movie ( Unless I drive to Las Vegas). Yet I’m very happy to inform you that a few weeks ago I was invited to cover the press conference for this film that is based on a Marvel X-Men comic book series.

Here are three important points I learned at the press conference.

Number One – The cast is excellent and have extraordinary chemistry together. I can’t wait to witness on the big screen since I’m sure it will translate to the film.

Number Two -Anya Taylor Joy described the movie as a coming of age story. According to her, the movie would work perfectly without the superhero or superpower aspects of it or even X-Men elements. It’s about teenagers dealing with teenage problems but they happened to have mutant powers.

Number Three – Throughout the years the film was delayed several times. Rumors have always been circulating that the movie was going to undergo intense re-shoots. Director Josh Boone frustrated with that kind of reporting not only said once but twice during the press conference, assured that indeed the film did not have any re-shoots.

Here’s Boone’s quote when asked to clarify the rumor about the reshoots:

We never ever had, we never did reshoots. We were supposed to do reshoots. Movies do reshoots or pickups, or things like that. But, because of the merger, once it was done, it was done. So, we never went back and did reshoots. 

It is finally gonna be available for people to actually talk about having seen it, and not just writing about reshoots that we never did.

The New Mutants

Director: Josh Boone

Production companies: Marvel Entertainment, 20th Century Studios, Sunswept Entertainment, Genre Films

Screenplay: Josh Boone, Knate Lee

Producers: Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, Karen Rosenfelt