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The MANDALORIAN Season 2 Premiere Date Announced But When Will We See A Trailer?

Lucasfilm and Disney have announced October 30th as the release date for The Mandalorian season two on the Disney Plus streaming service. With that exciting news released today, fans are pondering, when will we see the trailer? As expected, the internet has been abuzz with rumors, speculation, and conspiracy theories as to why there has been a delay. One can only wonder if we will see the highly anticipated arrival of famed characters like Ahsoka Tano or Boba Fett in said trailer. Just like you friends, we wait with growing anticipation and excitement. Our guess is it will be here very soon!

Just in case you’re not caught up with season one of The Mandalorian or if you would like a refresher, every episode is available on the Disney Plus streaming service to view at your leisure. To hold you over here is the very first trailer for season one of Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian.

Stay tuned…

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