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With “The Avengers” taking last year’s box office by storm, Warner Bros. is planning to unleash their superhero team film in the form of “The Justice League of America,” or JLA for short. 

A source close to the production says a creative discussion took place between studio executives on which villains will be introduced as the main antagonists in the feature.  (Drum roll please!) The logical choice has come down to a team up of Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor, and Batman’s criminal counterpart The Joker.

Here is the possible log line for the film.

Lex Luthor creates and then unleashes a genetically engineered monster on Batman’s protectorate Gotham City.  In the process, the Joker takes control of the creature in order to wreak havoc on the city and Batman.

The story is still being floated out there, but the studio’s executive were in favor of this scenario.

Treat this as a rumor until it is confirmed.