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the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-poster-405x600Caliburn24 here at Rhovanion.

The trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug has made its online debut.  “Where does your journey end?”  This is the voice of Thranduil, played by Lee Pace, the elf king that turned away from the Dwarves in the first film.  Thorin, Richard Armitage, is seen with a brooding expression.  The barrels are rolled from the dungeons of the Woodland Realm.  Martin Freeman as Bilbo is seen reveling in the butterflies at the top of Mirkwood Forest.  The Dwarves are taking a ride in some rapids down the river while Goblins chase them from the treetops.  The big surprise is an elf archer drawing his bow in front of the Dwarves and it’s Legolas (Orlando Bloom).  He says, “Do not think I won’t kill you Dwarf.”  The Dwarves are trying to close the doors to what looks like a giant bear, it must be Beorn, tries to break in. 

A female voice is heard, “When did we allow evil to become stronger than us?”  Which looks to belong to Evangenline Lilly’s Tauriel.  There is a glimpse of Lake-town, flooded, with the town built atop Long Lake. Legolas and Tauriel talk while looking out into the wilderness.  Radagast (Slyvester McCoy) warns Gandalf (Ian McKellan).  The one-handed Azog (Manu Bennett) leads a charge of Goblins.  Bilbo hides behind a tree as a Giant Spider climbs up it.  Bard played by Luke Evans warns Thorin about awakening Smaug.  There is a flurry of action scenes.  Check out Tauriel dodging the Goblin’s strike.  Balin, played by Ken Stott, tells the Dwarves that what they heard is not an earthquake, but the dragon.  The trailer ends with Bilbo hiding behind a column in the treasure room of Lonely Mountain.  The shadowy head of Smaug appears.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug opens on December 13th.