A reported leak somewhere in the Batman camp has sparked a lot of controversy.  The script for “Batman:  The Dark Knight Rises” was posted on-line with some of the details being released by Comic Book Movie.  For now it should be treated as a rumor, but a comment was posted about the script.

“The female lead is Talia al Ghul. And Sarah Essen, and Bullock is in the film. Dr. Hugo Strange is the main villain, Black Mask replaces Salvatore Ramoni, and Black Mask recruits Killer Croc as the muscles to take down the bat, Killer Croc is known to be a psychopathic killer with a skin diseased reptile function skinned, who’s an expert in hand to hand combat and extremely agile. Oh and that’s not a lot of villains because everything ties in perfectly. Let me give you guys a slight summary of how the villains all fit together:

·    Black Mask takes over Gotham’s criminal underworld replacing Salvatore Ramoni
·    Dr. Hugo Strange is the main villain of the movie
·    Talia al Ghul wants revenge on Bruce Wayne (for killing her father)
·    Killer Croc is just the meathead to takedown the Batman

I think Tom Hardy is playing Black Mask. Black Mask is around Bruce’s age range, Hardy is in his early thirties.”

A quick and decisive move on the part of Warner Bros., by pulling the script information off-line, has fans salivating.

“Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” is due in theaters on July 20, 2012.  Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Tom Hardy are scheduled to star.  Helming the project will be franchise director Christopher Nolan.