Tech Preview: Romo the Robot by Romotive By Trevor Roberts Jr


Romo is a robot whose body is controlled by an iPhone that is mounted to it. The iPhone runs an iOS app to function as the Robot’s brain. Romotive, the company behind the little robot, developed Romo with the goal of enabling low-cost robotics for everyday consumers. The Romotive Team hopes that making Robotics more accessible to the public will encourage quicker innovation than is currently possible with large and expensive projects like the Honda ASIMO.

Keller Rinaudo, Founder of Romotive, shared that Romo is able to utilize the iPhone camera as well as the internal accelerometer and gyroscope for accepting input. So, Romo can react to its surroundings. Programming Romo is simplified with Romotive providing a visual development interface that any user can pick up quickly. Romo also has an open application programming interface (API) that traditional programmers can use.

Keller shared a video that featured Romo able to flip itself over, bow, interact with people in a room and track their movement… And so, with a cute smile, Skynet begins…

See Romo in action:

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