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Superbeat: Xonic Nintendo Switch Review

With the plethora of big games coming to the Nintendo Switch, Superbeat: Xonic is a fresh pace from the constant releases of platformers, shooters, and fighting games. Previously released on Vita and later released on PS4 and Xbox One, the rhythm game from PM Studios has brought the beats to the Switch with some convenient and addictive fun.

Superbeat: Xonic comes with a few different modes that bring a different and unique way to play whether you are looking to be challenged or fancy a few rounds of casual play. First off there is stage mode, simply go into stage mode and choose between “4 trax”, “6 trax”, “6 trax fx”, and “Freestyle”. 4 trax acts as a beginner mode, using 4 different spots to test your beat timing, while 6 tracks plays as the intermediate mode that sharpens the difficulty quite a bit. 6 trax fx is the advanced mode with a sharp spike in difficulty depending on your skill. Freestyle mode is a fantastic mode for anyone who just wants to jam. Over the course of my time on the game, I’ve found that freestyle mode has been my best friend on the go since I am frequently out of the house. Being able to play a 3 minute song while waiting in line or in the car makes this game a must have.

World tour acts as an arcade mode of sorts, having the player go around the world to different clubs while completing songs to progress. There is an easy, normal, and hard set to get through to progress to the next club while also giving the player an extra challenge to accomplish. I found myself getting better through this mode, going from easiest songs to the hardest and I must say, the challenge is real.

I really enjoyed the collectable aspect of this game, going through every challenge to acquire dj icons and key sounds was pretty fun compared to the rewards of similar games. The layout and look of the game is fantastic although I did wish there were some animated music videos during the game rather than a lot of flash but all in all it made the game feel like it was all together and cohesive.

Superbeat: Xonic is a fantastic rhythm game that I would very much recommend to anyone looking for something to play in either quick bursts or in the long term run. Although most of the game looks identical, from the gameplay to the menus, they are laid out beautifully and the library of songs will keep you dancing to the beat but it will also challenge you with the 4 trax difficulty compared to the 6 trax in a consistently fun experience.

Nuke The Fridge Score 8/10