Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission announced for the Nintendo Switch and Steam

Bandai Namco Entertainment America held a livestream today and one of the special announcements was something I actually never thought we would see in North America anytime soon, as it announced that Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission would be coming to the West on April 5th for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

You might not be familiar with Dragon Ball Heroes and that’s because the game has only been released in Japan. To sum it up simply, Dragon Ball Heroes is a virtual trading card game that lets you build a team of your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball Universe while also introducing new forms and fusions that have never been seen before.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is pretty huge in Japan with its own line of trading cards that are separate from the Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game. In World Mission, Players will be able to collect 1160 card and will feature 350 different characters letting you create a wide assortment of teams which will offer different strategies in battle.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will also feature a multiplayer mode featuring one on one battles and a creation mode that lets players create their own missions and post them online for others to try and beat.

It’s great to see the game coming stateside and we won’t have to wait very long for it either. It hopefully also means that there might be plans to bring Super Dragon Ball Heroes to the West something that was shown off at various locations across last years Dragon Ball North American Tour which you can see below: