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Subverse Is An RPG Where You Explore The Galaxy With Waifus

           “Since the dawn of time, humankind has stared up at the cosmos with a mixture of trepidation and wonder… we have often asked ourselves the eternal question: Are we alone in this universe? What is out there? More importantly… can we bone it?”

This is a direct expert from the introduction to the new smashing success Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming waifu/hentai oriented RPG from FOW Interactive, Subverse. And yes you red that right. Hentai.

This salaciously erotic project is not just some creepy game you catch your teenage son playing in the middle of the night (I mean he probably will) but also a game that probably peaked your interest as well. For better or worse.

While it is being developed by the most “well known” hentai makers on the internet with a large set of shorts and films from previous works. They also set out to hire developers in attempt to making this space-fairing sex simulator an actual “game” as it promises.

Players will be able to shoot-em-up, bang-em-up, and progress through “plot” in Subverse. While never forgetting the players main mission is to:

“Assemble an elite team of deadly alien waifus that will fight for you.Learn their backstories, earn their loyalty and they’ll do other stuff for you too. By other stuff we mean in bed. Like, you know, copulation. Just in case it wasn’t absolutely clear, you can bang your team members. Are we good now? Okay.”

But in case you were curious here are some shots of the other game play you will tell your friends you play it for…

58,730 backers pledged £1,668,626 (at the time of this posting) to help bring this project to fruition. For you westerners out there, that is $2,177,748.82 USD. Making it the worlds most expensive hentai game out there.

The game will only be available on steam, as console partners are not too keen on the idea of having adult imagery on their consoles. And again, this will feature VERY adult content. While no ESRB rating has been given, its safe to assume it will enter the select few of the “Adults Only” releases.

Learn more about the characters and Kickstarter campaign here.