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Yes, yes, yet another casting rumor for Star Wars: Episode VII has come up. This time coming from The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently sources of theirs are saying that producers of Star Wars, are looking for a 40-ish year old military man very similar to “Matt Damon in Elysium.”

The most recent casting rumors that we reported on last week are that the casting call agency for Star Wars are looking for a 17-18 year old female to play “Rachel,” as they are calling her for now. As well as a charismatic, funny guy from the range of 19-23 to possibly play the role of “Thomas.”

As we also reported last week, 2 more actors have been linked to the film. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Jason Flemyng & Doctor Who’s Matt Smith. Other actors that have been rumored to audition for the film such as Michael B. Jordan, have stated that pretty much all of Hollywood has auditioned for a role in the film.

Star Wars: Episode VII is set to release Dec. 18, 2015.