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Namtar here…

It’s been four years since Sylvester Stallone reprised his role as John Rambo in “Rambo.”  News had circulated that this would be the last film in the four film franchise.  Now Stallone has announced he will bring John Rambo back to the big screen for one last conflict. This time he will literally go out with a bang in “Rambo: Last Stand.”  No start date has been scheduled, but Stallone does have some ideas about bringing Rambo into another heated confrontation.

In a recent interview with Macleans.ca, Stallone gave out a few ideas on what will happen in the fifth Rambo installment.

“I’m dying to do another Rambo. He’s in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico. I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans.”

Observation: This could lead one to speculate that illegal aliens will cross the border and trespass on the Rambo homestead.  In the ensuing conflict, Johnny’s dad is killed.  Now it’s personal and Rambo will suit up and go on the offensive to find and destroy the killers.

Then, Stallone was asked if the legendary Rambo would finally meet his end, Stallone replied with only one word,


Next, he went on to point out why he wanted to bring Rambo back one last time.

“Rocky is me after coffee. Rambo has reverted into kind of like an id: primitive, reactive and instinctual, almost like an animal. I love this character because he hasn’t quite been fleshed out. He’s like an errant knight, looking to die in a glorious fashion. He has no desire to go into old age or have a family. In the book, Rambo gets killed. I thought it was not the proper message. There had been close to 200,000 suicides by returning Vietnam vets. I said, “Why don’t we take him right to the edge without annihilating him?” Quentin Tarantino said, “You’re a coward, you should have killed him!” I said, “Quentin, you’re a lunatic. I want to do some sequels, brother.”

Stallone has finished filming “The Tomb,” and “The Expendables 2” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He will next be seen in the action/crime/thriller “Bullet to the Head.”

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