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Spyro Reignited Trilogy Review: An Absolute Gem

Lets just get it out right now, Spyro Reignited Trilogy is great. Toys For Bob clearly has an understanding for what made the originals so great and carried out a vision that far preceded the originals concept. What you will find in Spyro Reignited Trilogy compared to the countless other remastered and reimagined titles on PS4 is one of the most faithful remasters out there while also updating it with a perfect layer of polish.

The Reignited Trilogy offers the original 3 Spyro the Dragon games, originally created by Insomniac, completely remastered and presented with a few additions including a challenge log, trophies, and a few extra goodies that makes this appealing to old and new fans. It is also quite impressive knowing that a lot of time was spent remastering the original Spyro due to the original source code missing causing them to create a tool that would help determine locations and value named “The Spyro Scope”.

As a big fan of the original titles I was excited to see what the outcome of the series would be on all fronts and I’m excited to say that it blew away my expectations. Not only was it accurate in all fields, it also gave fans of the originals a reason to 100% the game with the challenge log. The challenge log is a small menu that offers concept art in return of completing certain objectives throughout the game and is present in all 3 titles. Trophies and achievements also offer a bit more challenge to those looking for a little extra spice in their playthrough.

Spyro games in general don’t take too long to beat with the original game taking me only around 10 hours to 100%. The first game is very cut and clean with every level being 100% accessible at the start with the ability to clear out each location within 10-20 minutes allowing you to go through every area in order from start to finish which is where the challenge log may make up for lack of difficulty.

The next two titles are where the game rises in difficulty with the addition of a few new features. The game goes from a linear 3d platformer to a backtracking expedition featuring several minigames with new characters. Some areas offer more than one depending on your skill level making Ripto’s Rage and Year of The Dragon a lot deeper than the original but it hasn’t eradicated every flaw that was present in the PS1 titles. Some levels are still a bit of a chore to complete while finding gems can still feel like a needle in a haystack. Toys For Bob rectifies the gem issue with the ability to have Sparx point towards gems but at some times finding a single gem in the area seems like a insurmountable feat.

The biggest win for Toys For Bob with The Reignited Trilogy is its updated graphics in terms of enemy designs. On The Playstation 1, characters were very polygonal and very hard to distinguish, in the Reignited Trilogy each character is fully realized and given it’s full potential. Enemies that were once undefinable are now towering orcs possessing personality, side characters that were somewhat plain to look at are now beautiful with the new coat of paint and effects, and the fact that every dragon in the game is unique in style and personality is insane.

This remaster really does the original justice and more with the return of former Police drummer Stewart Copeland as composer. Copeland went through and remastered the score with an updated feel to give each area the fully realized sound that was not possible in the early days of gaming. Some areas are very calming and really offer the player a chance to surround themselves in the scenery while others are bombastic to convey a sense of urgency. And if you thought that this is where they would leave it then you are mistaken as Toys For Bob have also given the option to switch between the new soundtrack and the original Playstation 1 soundtrack in the pause menu.

All of the content packed into a $39.99 price tag is insane and definitely takes my pick for best use of the phrase “bang for for your buck”. On top of the completely remastered series,the fire soundtrack, the inclusion of the challenge log, and smaller things such as unique voice acting and cheat codes, makes Spyro Reignited Trilogy one of the few games that does so well at bringing back a classic that it exceeds all expectations. Truly a perfect gem for all ages to enjoy.

Nuke The Fridge Score: 9/10