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Spider-man PS4 Release Date Officially Anounced

At long last fans of Spider-Man and PlayStation alike finally have a release date for the upcoming Spider-Man game. Spider-Man is a PS4 Exclusive, now set to release on September 7th. Along with the games release date being announced, Insomniac also pleased fans by showing off box art, a collectors edition, as well as post release content.

The Box art is more of along the lines of what fans have seen already. However, now instead of just the Spider-Man logo, we now see Spidey himself looking cool as ever.

Insomniac also revealed the collectors edition of the game. This collectors edition includes a steelbook case version of the game, and a collectors statue (that has yet to be fully shown, due to its ‘spoiler-ey’ content). The collectors edition also includes an artbook, exclusive in game skins (again, not all have been unveiled as of yet), Spider-Drone for in game support, a sticker (woot), and PSN goodies.

The base game will cost the traditional $59.99, while the collectors edition will run at $149.99.

The post release content has been referred to as, “The City Never Sleeps”. The three-chapter series will include additional villains, quests and Spidey suits. This DLC wont be released until March of 2019. Exact pricing has yet to be revealed, but is included in the deluxe versions of the game.