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The Sony studio leaks keep coming from the group of hackers who gained access to the studio’s internal e-mails recently. In this latest round of confidential information exposure, it seems Sony was trying to salvage the remains of this year’s underwhelming box office film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Desperate to reinvigorate the status and profits on the wallcrawler, the studio reached out to Marvel for a potential crossover with the characters under Disney’s flagship for starters. 

The Wall Street Journal came across internal e-mails regarding Spider-Man in which Sony motion pictures chief Amy Pascal was contacting numerous executives about the possibility of a crossover with Marvel Studios and Disney. From an e-mail dated October 30, Sony Pictures president Doug Belgrad told Pascal about a possible scenario in which Marvel would produce a new trilogy of ‘Spider-Man’ films, while Sony would retain all of the “creative control, marketing and distribution.” 

Spider-Man Crossover2

With the next Captain America movie focusing on the Civil War story arc, Pascal expressed in another e-mail to a business partner that Marvel wants to include Spider-Man in the film. The character had a large role in the storyline from the comic books. So, this may have been a way for Marvel and Sony to team up. 

However, no agreement could be reached by the studio giants and so Sony will now move forward down some new avenues for Spider-Man. Spinoff projects, which include the “Sinister Six” and the “Venom” film, as well as the all-female Spider-Man feature, which is under the production title ‘Glass Ceiling.’ 

There are also plans for an animated Spider-Man comedy created by producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller of “21 Jump Street” and this year box-office hit “The LEGO Movie” fame. 

Spider-Man Crossover1

Many projects focusing in the Sony/Spider-Man universe have been reported for quite some time. The “Sinister Six” and “Venom” movies are strong possibilities, but Spider-Man may find itself put into mothballs until things can be fixed with the franchise. Fans are calling for Andrew Garfield to be replaced as well as director Marc Webb. The whole OsCorp being a company churning out villains for Spidey to battle is growing tiresome as well. Maybe it is time to get some new blood involved with some fresh ideas.

Source: Cinema Blend