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Louis and I would like to say . . .

Hey!  I’m at Venice Beach wading in ankle deep water trying to avoid the broken glass, and discarded medical waste that plagues the shoreline.  I’ve come down here to await the end of the world, or in Schwarzenegger’s case “End of Days.”

With the dreaded global earthquakes expected to start at 11:00 p.m. PST in New Zealand and Christmas Island, I’ve come to await my demise from a tsunami of immeasurable strength.  I’m expecting it to savagely rip my skin away from my skeleton.  While I’m casually anticipating my fate, I’m having some last minute thoughts on life, and what is presently taking place of such importance in our world.  The questions I would like to pose to the fans at Nuke the Fridge is, if you were Arnold Schwarzenegger, would you have stooped the housekeeper, even if she had been 36 or 37 years old at the time?  Also, I have to ask this question again, what was Arnold thinking?  I would reckon a guess that both his heads are about the same size.  So, there could be no conflict between his “little or big brain.” Let us know your thoughts.  Time is running out!

On that note, I have to go.  I just stepped on a jellyfish, or hypodermic needle, or something sharp.  So, I’m going to have to flag someone down to whiz on it.  I wouldn’t want the infection to kill me before the tsunami.  It was nice knowing you!

“It’s only a matter of hours ‘til the end of days!”

P.S.:  If the rapture doesn’t take place on May 21st, then we predict it will occur when George Lucas premieres the live-action “Clone Wars” television series.

Namtar out!!!