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Sony Pictures is showcasing the release of their horror film “Snakehead Swamp.” The film originally debuted on the Syfy Channel on May 5th of this year. Now you can own it on DVD or watch the film by streaming or downloading it on Digital HD. Check out the clip featuring the mutated killer fish!

Here is the synopsis for the science fiction feature. 

A horrifying hybrid of genetic science and nature has taken over the Louisiana bayou, leaving terror in its wake! In the heat of the summer, what began as a day of boating and bikinis changes drastically when a school of genetically enhanced snakehead fish finds their way into Black Briar Swamp. 

Snakehead Swamp1

“Snakehead Swamp” is currently available on DVD and Digital HD. The film stars Ayla Kell, Antonio Fargas, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Terri Garber, Ross Britz, Sloane Coe, Melissa Cordero, Danny Cosmo, Peaches Davis, West Dean, Chris J. Fanguy, John Henry, Kurt Krause, Isaiah LaBorde, Jimmy Lee Jr., Anthony Marble, Jesse Moore, Thomas Francis Murphy, Coe Sloan, Han Soto and Rhodes Dane Steven. Greg Mitchell wrote the screenplay, while Don E. FauntLeRoy directs. 

Source: Sony Pictures