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Sonic Mania Adventures Teaser Trailer Released

As if the announcement for ‘Sonic Mania Plus’ was not enough, Sega is also rolling out an entire short series of animated vignettes on YouTube with the same branding. The series will be known as ‘Sonic Mania Adventures’.

Sega seems to be going “all in” on the ‘Sonic Mania’ branding. It makes sense after all, fans absolutely adore the art style used for sonic mania promotional material and in game cinematic.

It is worth noting that “Adventure” within the title is most certainly supposed to reference another beloved Sonic series. Will this show have nods and tie-ins to the Dreamcast games by the same name? Time will tell.

A release date has not yet been announced, although speculation does suggest that the series will be released soon in tandem with ‘Sonic Mania Plus’ this summer.

Fans can watch the teaser for the new animated series here:

More information on Sonic Mania Plus can be found here.