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imageThere have been many obstacles and bad people that have crossed the path of Rick’s group in the past season with some memorable villains, The Governor being one of them, and as of now the group is safe behind the wall of Alexandria but it is a big world full of nasty people. Probably one of the worst might make an appearance towards the end of season 6 and will be the big villain for Season 7. Of course we’re talking about none other then Negan, who might be played by Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm.

In an interview with EW a few weeks back, Scott Gimple shared his thoughts on the possibility of Negan making an appearance sooner than later on the show:

“It’s absolutely a possibility, and when I say it’s a possibility, we have a plan in place, but there’s a couple variables for that plan that we’re deciding about. It really depends on a few factors as we move into setting up the last bit of the season story-wise.”

With Negan possibly being the most Brutal, Savage, and violent character to appear in the series, Robert Kirkman shared his thoughts by saying the following.

“When it comes to characters like The Governor, Michonne, Abraham, and others like Jesus and Negan who are fan-favorite characters in the comics, it’s always a challenge to get it right because it’s those characters—much like Rick Grimes in the beginning—that fans already have a sense of and expectations for. So we’re always careful, and I feel like we’ve done a really good job servicing those fan expectations. Hopefully that trend will continue…if the characters you mention are to appear soon.”