Singapore Comic Con 2022!

Singapore Comic Con is back after all the waiting through the rough covid times SGCC was able to put on a great con this year.

Let’s start with the venue of the event!

Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center. If you’ve been to Singapore and you haven’t been in MBS then you’re missing out. The most recognizable feature is the floating boat on the very top of the building. Look familiar? It’s a key film location in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. While being the expo center, it’s also a hotel, has a shopping center, a casino, a nightclub, and even the ArtScience museum which had a special exhibition in March for Attack on Titans. MBS Expo & Convention Center is hands down the prettiest convention center I have been too.  And with so much to do you won’t get bored. If you check out our video below you can see there’s even a gondola ride!

Now back to SGCC.

When you walk in its the level floor with the majority of exhibitors, artist alley and the main stage. With the backdrop of the expos Christmas decorations and cosplayers walking around it felt as if you were walking in a virtual game world to meet other players and maybe even some NPCs. This is the floor where I stood in line to meet InHyuk Lee and got my comic book signed! The amount of artists and different vendors were amazing. While the bigger cons have the big names of actors, directors, creators etc. This con truly felt special seeing artists who are not only famous but seeing the artists that are also true fans of the geekdom.


The Basement level had some amazing food vendors, an additional exhibitor area, and a huge play and tabletop arenas! Now I’m not going to lie this is not my area of expertise but it put a smile on my face to see the interactions and smiles of other geeks. There was even a a Dungeons & Dragons beginners course that I almost wanted to partake in but I’m a bit shy. Maybe if anybody else in LA wants to volunteer to teach me!

Now check out some of these cosplayers! If you recognize yourself let me know on Instagram or YouTube @TheAtomicWire!

I hope I have the privilege of coming again next year! This was a great experience and can’t wait to see how much they grow and add. Thank you to SGCC for the chance to cover this event & Singapore for being such a beautiful and fun country to visit! I’ll be here for a couple more weeks if you guys want any videos of any film locations or just cool places to visit here in SG! Let me know on our IG @TheAtomicWire.


Here’s a quick video of the walkthrough.