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Shaqtoberfest is a Slam Dunk!

This year alongside ‘The Queen Mary’ we have the first-ever ‘Shaqtoberfest’! The Atomic Wire was invited to cover this event for Nuke the Fridge and we are excited to share our experience.

The iconic backdrop of the Queen Mary gave this haunted carnival the perfect eerie atmosphere. This event invites all ages starting at 6:30pm but beware, when the clock strikes 8 the ghoulish minions come out to play. Even Shaquille O’Neil happened to make an appearance.

While all the mazes were fantastic, the one that stood out the most was, ‘Diesel’s Pumpkin Patch’ after 8. The details in the props and scares in this maze were our favorite. And being right next to the horror themed music by LVCRFT it set the perfect tone. If you got lucky Skeleton Sam would even boogie with you. Thank you to 13th Floor and ABG Entertainment for such a unique experience.

From the moment you enter you are welcomed with the screams of joy and terror. Fun games and rides all throughout the event made you truly feel like you were trapped in a haunted Coney Island. Now with all this jumping and screaming you’re bound to get hungry. The food stands offered were all great but one very Los Angeles staple you can’t miss is ‘Pinks Hot Dogs’.

Now don’t just take our word for it! Click the link below to buy tickets now!