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SEVENTH SON Poster featuring GAME OF THRONES’ Kit Harington

With San Diego’s Comic-Con 2013 less than a week away, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures will host a panel for the highly anticipated “Seventh Son.” The panel will take place in the famous Hall H on Saturday, July 20 at 10:45 a.m. A character poster featuring Kit Harington (Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones”) has been released and will be on display at the San Diego Convention Center. This could be the first of many posters that may be released at the convention. Check it out!

Seventh Son

wbpictures Warner Bros Pictures 18h

No stranger to evil creatures… @GameofThrones star #KitHarington in #SeventhSon. @Legendary pic.twitter.com/LsLrD9bWX1

Here is the storyline for the film.

John Gregory (Jeff Bridges) a seventh son of a seventh son and the local Spook has protected the country from witches, boggarts, ghouls and all manner of things that go bump in the night. However, John is not young anymore and he has been seeking out an apprentice to carry on his trade, most have failed to survive. The last hope for the country is a young farmer’s son named Thomas Ward (Ben Barnes.) Will he survive the training that so many others have failed at in order to become a Spook? Should he trust the girl with pointy shoes? How can Thomas stand a chance against Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore) the most dangerous witch in the country ? This is the first in a series of chilling tales known as the “Wardstone Chronicles.”

“Seventh Son” is scheduled to be released on January 17, 2014.  The film stars Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Antje Traue, Kit Harington, Ben Barnes, Olivia Williams, Djimon Hounsou, Alicia Vikander, Jason Scott Lee, Gerard Plunkett, Zahf Paroo, Faustino Di Bauda, Billy Wickman, Timothy Webber, Fraser Aitcheson, Sean Carey, Candice-May Langlois, Loyd Catlett, Carmel Amit, Taya Clyne, Jim Shield, Primo Allon, Lilah Fitzgerald, Brenda McDonald, Julian Black Antelope, Luc Roderique, Thai-Hoa Le, Isabelle Landry,  Yaroslav Poverlo, Duffy and Marcel Bridges. Max Borenstein and Charles Leavitt wrote the screenplay from a previous screenplay written by Matt Greenberg, which is based on the book by Joseph Delaney.  Sergey Bodrov (as Sergei Bodrov) directs.

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