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Sega Ages is now out on the Nintendo Switch and the first two titles are Sonic The Hedgehog And Thunder Force IV. These aren’t simple ports like the ones you will find on the Sega Genesis Classics which is set for a release in December but include some new features to make the games more interesting and best of all the porting was done by M2 who have worked on quite a few ports of older Sega games for various systems.

Both games are out now for the Nintendo Switch and cost $7.99 a piece. While the video only shows off the two games in action they actually include some pretty cool features, which were highlighted in the Japanese trailers.

The Drop Dash mechanic that was introduced in Sonic Mania has been added to Sonic the Hedgehog, as well the Spin Dash which was first introduced in Sonic 2. Sure, the Spin Dash had already been added in various other Sonic 1 ports, so that’s nothing new or amazing but another addition to the game is various challenges where you are tasked to beat a stage in a certain amount of time

Lightning Force: Quest for the Darkstar or better known simply as Thunder Force IV adds the Styx Mode from the Sega Saturn version of the game as well as a kids mode, in case the game might be a little too challenging for you.

With such a huge library of games to choose from, what Sega Genesis/Sega Megadrive games would you like to see added on the Nintendo Switch?