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SDCC Roundtable: Paget Brewster on GODS AND MONSTERS’ Lois Lane Versus Other Lois Lanes

At San Diego Comic-Con, I had the chance to sit down with some of the cast of DC’s animated newest film, Justice League: Gods and Monsters. One of the actors who I got to do a roundtable interview with is Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), who voices Lois Lane in the movie. In this interview, Brewster describes this alternate reality Lois Lane and who some of her favorite actresses to play Lois Lane are.

Paget Brewster at Comic-Con (WB.Com)

Q: What were your thoughts going into this and what were your thoughts after you saw the script, in terms of the character?

Paget Brewster: Here’s the thing, I never saw the script. I just went in and Andrea Romano told me line by line, ‘this is what’s going on,’ and I was like ‘What is happening?!’ I was so confused ’cause this movie is an alternate reality, everyone’s origin story’s different, who they are, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, they are very different from the characters that I know. So I was pretty confused except for Lois Lane, she’s still doing her thing. Our superheroes are altered and Lois Lane believes they are villains and she does not like Superman at all. She think’s he’s full of crap and she’s busting him on it. Being in a dark record booth alone and reading those lines, like ‘What? Am I supposed to be talking to him like that?’ I still didn’t get it until…I’m not allowed to say. I keep blowing it and I’m already in trouble.

Q: What did you get in trouble for?

Brewster: I got really excited when they sent me a picture of Lois Lane and so I tweeted ‘Hey, who’s the new Lois Lane? It’s me you guys! See you at Comic-Con!’ And I was like ‘I’m allowed to talk about it right? I mean, I get to be Lois Lane in a line of outstanding Lois Lanes. I get be a part of this incredible thing!’ I wasn’t supposed to say that I was going to go to Comic-Con ’cause they hadn’t announced it yet. I’m just kind of a dumb actress who got really excited [laughs].

Q: Lois is one of the most important female characters in the last seventy-five years, did you feel a certain amount of weight playing her?

Brewster: Yeah, a lot. I know Dana Delany and so that freaked me out! For me growing up, my Superman was Christopher Reeves and Lois was Margot Kidder and she’s in my head of that’s who my Lois Lane is. It’s a little scary and exciting. As an actor, we are all afraid of someone saying ‘You don’t belong here, you’re an imposter.’ Now i’m afraid that all of you will say in unison that ‘You should not be Lois Lane.’

Q: How much of your own personality is in Lois?

Brewster: Probably eighty percent. I’m just making that up [laughs], I don’t know. Really honestly, voice acting, I know she’s going to be drawn and I’ve played Lana Lang and I was a very large blonde lady and I didn’t know. It all gets put together after we do our job.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is now on Digital HD and will be available as a Blu-ray Combo Pack/DVD on July 28.