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SDCC Interview with the Cast of ‘See No Evil 2’


In “See No Evil 2,” the very menacing Jacob Goodnight, has come back from the dead, ready to get back to where he last left off in the first film. Ready to take even more victims than the first time. “See No Evil 2” hits VOD and Digital HD October 17th, and you can get it on DVD/Blu-ray October 21. Until then, here’s a bit of the round table interview I took part in at Comic-Con, with the stars of the film, WWE superstar Kane (Glenn Jacobs), Danielle Harris, and Kaj-Erik Eriksen.

Glenn Jacobs better known as Kane, who reprises his role as Jacob Goodnight, was asked what the difference was between wresting and acting on film.

“With wrestling, there’s a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. We have instant gratification because our fans love to interact with us. If we aren’t doing something right, we know that. If we are doing something right, we know that as well. Also, we do mostly live TV, so everything is one take. If you get it, you get it, if you don’t, tough luck. It’s completely different on a sound stage. Everything comes from the inside and it doesn’t come from out there. Anyone who has ever been on a sound stage, realizes that before you actually roll the cameras, there’s all this setup…and like if you’re doing a stunt, they have to make sure the stunt is safe, and you have to get with the different people, you have to do makeup checks. Well, that’s not really conducive to all a sudden, going out there and running around and turning lots of energy. So, in that respect, the little acting I’ve done, I have a great deal of respect for actors who are good, cause that’s hard to do. WWE, we are able to feed off of our audience and it’s completely different than being in the movies. So, despite the fact that they are both acting, they both take a form of theatrics. I actually think movies are a lot harder.”

The cast was then asked about how this horror movie is different from the rest, with people always somehow finding a way to get lost or tripped up in films, not making the smartest decisions and usually leading to deaths.

Danielle Harris who plays Amy responded with:

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the typical elements that you need in a horror movie. You have to have that. But there’s a reason for it. There’s a reason why certain things happen. It’s not just sort of as well they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean, that happens too…but yeah.”

Kane (Glenn Jacobs) added that there are a couple of fight scenes between Kaj-Erik Eriksen’s character and himself. It’s a lot of “victims fighting back.” He also noted that there is an interesting twist that the audience will be shocked or surprised by and that the movie has different style kills than the first.

Take a look at the official trailer of “See No Evil 2.”

Here’s the official synopsis provided by Lionsgate/WWE:

A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise Amy (Harris) on her birthday. But the surprise is on them when the one-eyed corpse of brutal psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab. Their wild party quickly turns into a terrifying slay-fest as the sadistic mass-murderer resumes his savage rampage complete with hooks, surgical knives and power saws.

Stay tuned for my SDCC roundtable interview with the very humorous, bubbly, and lovable directors, Jen and Sylvia Soska.