image003Back in August at Morphicon, three members of the original “Florida Ranger Coalition” were rewarded for their part in giving back to their community. The teens would dress as Power Rangers and go to nonprofit charity events to visit the children. When they realized how much of an impact this left on the kids, they decided to work together to raise awareness of anti-bullying and teach the importance of reading. Saban Brands loved this idea and decided to launch a program called “The Power Rangers Student Alliance,” in hopes that it will encourage more teens to follow in the footsteps and start their own local Power Ranger teams.

The Power Rangers Student Alliance initiative fits perfectly within our Power Rangers emPOWER program,” said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands. “We are inspired by the work of the ‘Florida Ranger Coalition’ and we hope with the launch of this program, we can further encourage their positive story and motivate other fans across all of Ranger Nation to get involved.”

Adam Cooper who is a member of the original “Florida Ranger Coalition,” had this to say about the new program:

I could never have anticipated what an impact on my community and myself I would make through dressing up as a Power Ranger. From the first smile of a little kid at a birthday party, to performing motivational speeches in a packed room full of troubled youth, I can see what an effect we’ve made in the community. I’m excited to see what new heights we can reach and new audiences we can impact as collegiate members of the Power Rangers Student Alliance.”

If you and your friends are interested in the Power Rangers Alliance program, you can register online at Members must be high school or college students and are encouraged to seek official “club’ status from their school. Also, as an added incentive, Morphsuits will be offering 25% off all Power Rangers Morphsuits to all who register for this program.

What these teens are doing is something really great. We can use more teens like them that give something positive back to their communities.

Source: Saban Brands