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The rumor going around the web, is that Disney & Marvel has shown some interest in Battlestar Galactic’s star Katee Sackhoff.

There’s not much to go on here but there is speculation that Marvel & Disney is in talk with Katee Sackhoff possibly filling the role of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers). It is also possible that Disney is in talks with her possible for just a voice over role in one of the upcoming Pixar movies. But Marvel Studios President Louis D’Esposito said in an interview that Marvel is keen on making a movie with a female being the lead character. Sackhoff has also mentioned that there is “some stuff going on” between her & Disney, mainly that Disney is checking into her availability for 2014. There’s also no word yet that if this is in fact true, that she could possibly appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It would be great if this is true because Katee Sackhoff definitely has the look of Captain Marvel. Also it would be the first time a lead role is a female in a comic adaptation. Even though Wonder Woman just keeps getting talked about around Waner Bros. But rather than get too far ahead of myself, we will have to wait & see if there is anymore news surrounding this.

-Chris Salce

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