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New Nintendo Switch Hardware Iteration Possibly In Development (Rumor)

Nintendo may be secretly working on a new hardware iteration on the switch. This comes to us by way of data-miners that researched heavily into the Nintendo Switch 5.0 update that released just this last week. Code Named, “Mariko”.

Source of this news can be found here: https://twitter.com/SciresM/status/973354786274689024

One might instantly be inclined to think this naturally means the creation of a “Switch XL”, which is not incredibly outlandish given Nintendo’s history. However, what seems more likely at this time (according to the data-miners that discovered this within the 5.0 update) is that Nintendo just might incorporate a more heavily secured version of the switch. Possibly even rolling out a new Switch hardware iteration quietly.

Due to hackers fully bypassing Nintendo’s Security, Nintendo might be carrying out these actions as a way to retaliate against the vulnerable switches, and keep their security optimal, the way Nintendo sees fit. These switches that have been stripped of security have been primarily used for 3rd party applications such as Homebrew, a service that lends its self to the consumer, and gives them full control over The Switch’s firmware and software downloads.

Another theory revolves around heating issues, revolving around the switch, and overall dock connection issues suck as bricking, and scratching.

It should be said that this is all rumors based off of subtle notes left in the 5.0 update. And beyond that, this could amount to nothing for the Nintendo Switch.