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Rumor: Microsoft to release a disc-less version of the XBOX ONE

It looks to be inevitable that in the near future, video games will be released digitally only as publishers and companies look to cut costs and increase profits. While there are plenty of benefits to this move along with a small handful of consequences for consumers, platforms like Netflix and Steam prove that this is the inevitable outcome.

Back in November, website Thurrott reported that Microsoft was working on the disc-less Xbox One system, now it seems more information has come to light but of course until Microsoft actually announces this, it’s all a rumor so keep that in mind.

Known as Project Maverick, Microsoft will release an Xbox One S system that will remove the optical drive which would drop the price of the system down at least $100. With Microsoft putting such a big emphasis on the Game Pass it would make quite a bit of sense but of course, you could still buy games directly from XBOX Live without needing to go to a store like Gamestop or Best Buy.

Pre-orders are rumored to start in mid-April with the release of this new disc-less XBOX ONE set in mid-May.

This could be a test for Microsoft to see just how well an all-digital system will do, especially with the release of a new XBOX system supposedly coming in the following year or two.

With the PlayStation 5 already rumored to include backwards compatible with physical discs from all previous PlayStation systems, it could mean that PlayStation would be backing physical releases at least for another generation which will make things interesting.

What do you think? Do you prefer digital only releases especially if it saves you money or do you prefer having physical releases?