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Rumor: Google is Planning a Gaming Console, Streaming Platform

Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony… and now Google, apparently.

The search giant, responsible for creating Chrome, the Android OS, and Incognito mode, is reportedly set to enter the gaming market with a streaming console. A Kotaku report with five anonymous “sources” detail Google’s plan: create a game streaming service, invent the hardware, and acquire as many developers as possible.

Earlier this year, The Information reported about a possible gaming project codenamed “Yeti” with details that fit this very bill: a streaming console, offloading processing and rendering to a Google server, streaming to any user.

The last time rumors about a Google console swirled the internet, it was rumored to be an Android-based OS like Android TV. But as we’ve seen with the OUYA, Android consoles aren’t exactly a means to success.

Sony, whose already competing PS Now service allows users to stream PS3 games to PS4 consoles, already struggles to offer lag-free connections to paying users. And with PS Now rumored to soon allow offline downloads, the prospects of a streaming console aren’t looking so hot.