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Visit to the ROBOTECH Offices: Two-Disc DVD Set Announced (Part One)


NUKE THE FRIDGE visit to the ROBOTECH Offices: Two-Disc DVD Set Announced (Part One)

The premiere of Robotech’s “Love Live Alive” (along with “The Shadow Chronicles”) 2-Movie DVD Collection captures the spirit of Robotech.  The DVD set is a celebration of Robotech that fans will enjoy and a new generation can follow and latch onto. In essence, there’s something new for everyone.

Last week, I was invited to the Harmony Gold offices in Santa Monica by Lionsgate to cover a press release of their new two-disc DVD Set which is available on July 23rd.  I will be honest, I knew the name Robotech by seeing toys and video advertisements, but I’ve never sat down to watch a single episode or movie.  So, I had trepidations with my limited knowledge of Robotech history. The talent, producers, writers and the rest of the staff were warm, kind, and friendly. I enjoyed myself immensely.  My socks were completely knocked off when I entered their offices and stepped into their archive room where Robotech merchandise from the mid-80’s until now was displayed.  I almost geeked out when I saw all this amazing stuff. It was like stepping into a time machine, but I restrained myself and stuck to asking questins, listening and taking photos.

To make myself understand the moment, I came to realize that Robotech has a rich history behind it with a steadily growing pool of fans. The merchandising alone is incredible. There are toys, action figures, statues, music, DVDs, books, necklaces, wristbands, key chains, mugs, etc. Maybe these photos will bring back some memories or make some new ones!

Robotech Harmony Gold 001

Robotech Harmony Gold 002

Robotech Harmony Gold 003

Robotech Harmony Gold 004

Robotech Harmony Gold 005

Robotech Harmony Gold 006

Robotech Harmony Gold 008

Robotech Harmony Gold 009

Robotech Harmony Gold 010

Robotech Harmony Gold 011

Robotech Harmony Gold 017

Robotech Harmony Gold 012

Robotech Harmony Gold 013

Robotech Harmony Gold 014

Robotech Harmony Gold 015

Robotech Harmony Gold 016

With San Diego’s Comic-Con about to begin, Robotech fans will have a chance to meet the talent behind the scenes.  Tommy Yune, director of “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles” and Steve Yun, screenwriter of “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles” will showcase all the latest live-action and animated Robotech projects in production.  You can see them on:

Thursday July 18, 2013 8:15pm – 9:15pm
Room 6DE
There’s more to come with interviews and more details about the new two-disc DVD release. Stay tuned!