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“Robocop” Reboot Casting News!

Hey fellow nerds. Karla from Downey for Nuke the Fridge.

A new cast member has joined the ensemble for  the “Robocop” reboot from director José Padilha. Jackie Earl Haley, whom we all remember as Rorschach from the movie “Watchcmen”, has joined the cast to  play a character called Maddox. According to Deadline, Maddox is “the guy who dispenses military training to “Robocop.” MGM is developing the project with Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman to star as Alex Murphy with Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Hugh Laurie, and a still rumored Jay Baruchel rounding out the cast.

Shooting is slated to start soon with Toronto filling in for Detroit in the film with a release date of August 9th, 2013. With such a talented supporting cast (three Oscar nominees and a two time Golden Globe winner), it’s a little shocking they cast Joel Kinnaman since he is a virtual unknown this side of the pond. That is unless you saw “The Killing” on AMC or the movie “Safe House,” or if you’re a fan of Swedish action movies. I haven’t seen any so I couldn’t judge. As for José Padilha, he has an even shorter credit list than his lead actor. He’s only directed  seven movies and four of them are documentaries.

I’m a fan of the original “Robocop” movies so to say I’m excited about this reboot would be stretching it.  Until then,  I’ll reserve my judgment.