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Review: LEGO STAR WARS: THE NEW YODA CHRONICLES DVD- Brings Balance to the Force

LegoStarWarsTheNewYodaChroniclesDVDLego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles is coming to DVD September 15 and we have the review for you!

If you didn’t catch the Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles when it aired on Disney XD, here is your chance to not only watch it but own it! The New Yoda Chronicles brings some of your favorite characters and systems together from the prequels and the original trilogy, in a storyline that has something for all ages. You’ll get to see Vader, Han, Chewy, Luke and Leia as well as Qui-Gon, the Wookie army and more! All of these characters are after one thing, the Holocrons. Though both the Rebel Alliance and the Empire have different reasons for collecting them.

These four episodes run about 92 minutes all together (23 minutes each episode), and are filled with action and laughs. By watching this DVD, you will quickly realize that it’s made for fans of all ages, which is great. There’s jokes that both children and adults will get and some that maybe just adults would get, as some of the jokes in these episodes reference popular movies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Films like Warriors and Indiana Jones are referenced, so fans of those films will find the humor in them. The humor in this series expands from the film references to poking fun at hardcore Star Wars fans in a friendly way and Lego even pokes fun at some of the situations and characters within the Star Wars galaxy.

With this series, you also get to see things that you could only see in the Lego Star Wars galaxy. Things such as a wampa piloting a snowspeeder to a lightsaber battle taking place in a pod racer and land speeder. (That would actually be awesome to see in a Star Wars film).

Bonus Features

There aren’t many bonus features with this release but the one that is included is pretty cool. There is an alternate ending to the” Clash of the Skywalkers” episode that shows what it would be like if the other side were to succeed. Though not considered a bonus feature, there are also sneak peeks included which shows upcoming Disney home movie releases that you can access at the main menu.


There isn’t any special packing included but you do get a Disney Rewards code for purchasing the DVD.


I think Star Wars fans of all ages will enjoy this DVD. It’s fun, action packed and something your whole family can enjoy and that’s why this DVD brings balance to the Force. I do have to say that I wish that there were more bonus features but I was pretty satisfied with this DVD.

I give Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles 7.5 out of 10 fridges.