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Review: L.A. SLASHER: Cool Idea, Not So Cool Delivery

40d5e-l.a.-slasher-posterAre there any people that are “famous for being famous,” that you just can’t stand? You know exactly the type that I’m talking about. The reality celebrities or those social media famous people that are either famous for being rich or famous for taking selfies. Well what if suddenly, they all started getting killed off one by one, by a serial killer? There’s a new movie coming out on June 26 called L.A. Slasher that is all about that. But is the film a clean kill? Well it could have been but instead, lets a great idea escape.

L.A. Slasher, directed by Martin Owen, is a comedy thriller about a killer on the loose who his hunting down social media and reality stars. The L.A. Slasher does this and just like everything these days, it all goes viral. The citizens in the film are mostly for it because they all hate reality stars and they even start suggesting which stars the L.A. Slasher should kill next.

The creepy/horror factor wasn’t quite there. They never show the actual killer’s face but he hides behind kind of a creepy mask that resembles something like Michael Myers and Michael Jackson. The killers narrated voice was that of Andy Dick, who has a very distinct voice. You notice it right off the bat so it’s not quite such a mystery of which actor plays the killer but there is the mystery of what the killer looks like under the mask. That mystery is never solved. When it comes to the actual killings, they aren’t really shown. When the killings take place, the setting is either too dark to see anything or the angle of the camera just doesn’t allow you to see them.

Mischa Barton as “The actress”

The film has such a Robert Rodriguez like cast. The film stars Mischa Barton, Danny Trejo, Dave Bautista, Andy Dick, Eric Roberts, Abigail Wright, Drake Bell, Frank Collison, Marisa Lauren, Tori Black, Korrina Rico and Brooke Hogan. Such a random group of names to be put together right? Well some of the actors were good, some of them weren’t and some just didn’t get utilized enough.

As for the actors who were good, Mischa Barton was one of them, as she was also on screen the most. She played none other than “the actress.” Danny Trejo and Dave Bautista were a drug dealing duo which actually made for just about all of the laughs in the film that’s considered a comedy thriller. Danny Trejo played the not so smart one of the duo and Dave Bautista played the one with the brains and who was all business. I honestly could have watched a film that was centered all around these two. Their chemistry was pretty entertaining.

Now when it comes to the not so great performances in the film, I can’t put my finger on if it was over acting, the actresses not having enough acting experience or just the way the film was written. Marisa Lauren, Korrina Rico and Elizabeth Morris just didn’t seem like these roles were right for them. It’s almost as if someone told them to act less.

The L.A. Slasher

The actors that were under utilized could have been a good and bad thing for the film. Both Drake Bell and Brooke Hogan were in the film for a very short time and I don’t even think they had any lines in the film to be honest. Eric Roberts should have had more screen time in my opinion because of all of his acting experience. I wish I would have seen more of (once again) the duo of Danny Trejo and Dave Bautista and I was also interested in seeing how well Tori Black would do in a film that wasn’t an adult film but she only had a few lines and played “the teen mom” turned porn star, which was ironic.

This film started out with a cool and fun idea but it just didn’t hit the mark. There are a few laughs but not enough. The killings, with exception to one which involved a pet, weren’t something that made you squirm. I don’t think horror fans would be too into it. Very few of the actors helped the film and some just didn’t have a chance to. The music in the film was also pretty good and it gave a certain vibe to the film. I would say that this does have potential to be something that turns into a cult classic in a few years just because of the idea and how ridiculous it was.

I give L.A. Slasher 3 fridges out of 10.