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Review: Eight #5

23898Eight has been a very unique and clever series thus far and is probably the best sci-fi comic out right now.

In Eight #5, the fate of The Meld is at stake and it’s time for the rebels to fight. As you can expect, there is a great amount of action in this issue as there has been throughout the whole series. This issue opens up with action, and I really love it when I see a comic waste no time in getting you right into the action. We finally see who will take The Meld, as do we see what the characters are destined for. 

I really like this series’ unique use of the colors. Whenever you come across the panels that are green, it’s the past, purple is the present, blue is the future and the tannish orange color is “The Meld, something entirely different.” Usually when it comes to showing something that happened in the past, in a comic, they make it look dream-like or slightly faded but this book steps it up and shows different timelines by implying just have each color represent a different time.


I love the art style by Rafael Alburquerque. His artwork has this sketchy type of look to it while somehow still looking very smooth. Though there are only about 5 colors used in the book, the art itself still sells the panels and doesn’t take away from the great story.


I think anyone who likes sci-fi whether it’s Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, or Time Machine, fans of all of those films will enjoy this series.

Eight #5 hits stores June 17.