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First off, apologies for being a few days late on this review. I just got around to reading this book since I was busy with the Holiday & stuffing myself until I could barely breathe. I finally got around to reading Damian: Son of Batman #2 last night & let me tell you, it was not a let down.

So if you’ve already read the first issue, (which I also did a review on last month) you’re familiar to what is going on so far. Let me do a quick recap on the first issue before I get into #2. (Spoilers)…

In issue #1 which was entitled “Next of Kin,” we saw the death of Batman as we knew him, aka Bruce Wayne. Robin aka Damian Wayne, didn’t want to quite avenge his father’s death, but more like get revenge for his death. So Damian decided to be a detective himself & figure out who killed Batman. Well unlike Batman, he does it more aggressively. Not only does he want to find the killer but as he’s doing it, he rids Gotham City of quite a few villains in the process. By “rids”, I mean kills! Yes, some of Batman’s most famous foes paid the price even though they had nothing to do with the death of Batman. As the issue comes to a close, guess who’s back & furious as ever…yes, Bruce Wayne himself. Which brings us to issue #2.


#2 is entitled “Hierarchy.” In this storyline, Damian goes through the continuous struggle of living up to his father’s ways & becoming the greatest crime fighter of all time which means doing it the right way. Not only does Damian want to live up to his father, Damian takes it upon himself to become the next Batman, against his father’s wishes. Robin is no more & a new Batman as emerged.

As for my review, issue #2 was not as great as the first issue but it’s pretty damn good. Andy Kubert (who writes & illustrates the whole series) does a fantastic job with Damian’s character. Kubert makes Damian look less of a brat but more of a man that has a constant struggle with his inner demons. I do wish this issue was longer because it seemed kind of short, even though it was about the same length as the first issue. What I thought was the best part of this particular issue is that we get to see a new Bat suit. Well, one which he dawned as Robin before in “Batman & Robin Annual #1,” which looks like a mix of Hush & a Greg Capullo type suit. I know some of you Batman enthusiast are touchy when it comes to changing up anything that has to do with Batman but I thought it was pretty cool. A new suit for a new Batman.

damian 2

If you have a chance, I highly recommend you to pick up this series as it is turning out to be a great story so far, even if you are not a fan of Damian. I was not a fan of his until this series. So that should tell you a bit of how good it is.