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Nuke the Fridge and Frank and Son Collectible Show would like to thank Convention All-Stars and the following actors from “Revenge of the Nerds!!!”

Robert Carradine (Lewis Skolnick)
Curtis Armstrong (Booger)
Julie Montgomery (Betty Childs)
Larry B. Scott (Lamar Latrell)
Brian Tochi (Toshiro Takashi)

The turnout was terrific, and the fans kept coming and coming.  In the spirit of the event, some fans dressed up.  It was a blast!  The best part was letting the actors address the fans on the intercom system.  I will never forget Robert Carradine’s laugh!  Lewis Skolnick lives!!!

Furthermore, we would like to thank the guests that came.  Without your support, Nuke the Fridge and the Frank and Son Collectible Show would not be where they are today.

Finally, we have another surprise for you!  Next weekend, three actors from a hit cult film will appear at Frank and Son for a terrifyingly fun time.  Plus, an award winning comic book writer will be there to meet and greet fans.
Stay tuned!  We will announce who our guests are shortly.

For more information, or if you have any questions regarding the show, give us a call at (909) 444-7955.

That’s Namtar in the middle in “Nerd” gear.

The “Nerd” in the middle is Louis Love.