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Rage 2’s Gameplay looks like Mad Max mixed with Doom

Yesterday, Bethesda revealed Rage 2. Today, they showed off the first glimpse of gameplay. While no release date was given, we now know that the previous title’s developer id Software are returning, but not without help from Avalanche Studios, known for their work on the Just Cause games and 2015’s Mad Max game. How fitting, since the Rage series takes very clear inspiration from the Mad Max films. From the racing, to the post-apocalyptic desert setting. And you can bet that the gunplay from the Doom creators id Software will feel amazing.

Set in the year 2185, 50 years after the first game, you play as the last ranger of the wasteland on a quest for vengeance against a corrupt organization: The Authority. Check out the trailer below. Chances are we’ll hear more at E3 next month.