With an ever busy schedule, filmmaker Ridley Scott made time to discuss the progress of “Prometheus 2” (among other projects) with Empire magazine, which will hit the stands on Halloween. He noted that he is unsure when the prequel sequel will go into production, but wanted to inform fans that the story is set.


“Prometheus 2 is written. I have already got the next two films ready to go. That will be 2014, 2015…”

The biblical story “Exodus” will be Scott’s next feature with another science fiction film to follow. He went on to elaborate.

“There is also this very well written piece, one of the last great science-fiction books called “The Forever War” [the bureaucracy and space battle masterpiece by Joe Haldeman] – we’ve finally got a very good draft of that for Fox,” he adds. “I thought I’d left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in. Prometheus was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea…”

As far as “Blade Runner 2” is concerned, fans will have to hold their breath a while longer.

“Yeah, we’re working on [Blade Runner 2] right now – that will happen sooner or later.”

What are your thoughts? Should he wait, or bump “The Forever War” back in favor of Prometheus Jr.?

“Prometheus 2” is in development. The film will star Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbinder. Jack Paglen (“Transcendence”) wrote the screenplay, while Ridley Scott will direct.

Sources: Empire, IMDb

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