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PROMETHEUS 2 Gets GREEN LANTERN Co-Writer Michael Green


Filmmaker Ridley Scott has hired writer Michael Green to rewrite the screenplay originally written by Jack Paglen (“Transcendence”) for the untitled “Prometheus” sequel for 20th Century Fox. Green is currently finishing the final draft on Scott’s “Blade Runner” sequel.

The studio announced that the untitled “Prometheus 2” film is slated for a March 4, 2016 release. Production on the prequel sequel is scheduled to begin this fall.

The storyline for “Prometheus” was thinly attached to Ridley Scott’s influential 1979 sci-fi/horror classic “Alien.” Green’s rewrite promises to have a darker tone and more of an alien feel to it.  In addition, the sequel is reported to have multiple versions of the android ‘David,’ which means actor Michael Fassbender will be sharing screen time with himself.

No plot or details have been released about the film.

An Engineer
An Engineer

2012’s “Prometheus” is set in 2093 and takes place in the same universe as the ‘Alien’ movies. A group of explorers, including some archaeologists, are on an “undisclosed” mission. They arrive at a planet billions of miles away from Earth. The team spots what they believe to be signs of civilization. They go to investigate and find more than just signs, they find conclusive evidence. But some of them have an ulterior motive for being there, including the Weyland Corporation. They believe that this is where the human race actually came from. Things soon turn from excitement to survival once inside their discovery. The only two characters left at the end of the film are Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the disabled android David (Michael Fassbender.) Both leave the planet in another Engineer vessel bound for the architects’ home planet. In the last shot of the film, an alien bursts out of a fallen Engineer’s body foreshadowing future events.

Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender as the android David.
Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender as the android David.

Scott’s “Prometheus” sequel has priority over his “Blade Runner” project due to the fact that “Prometheus” grossed an estimated $404 million worldwide.

The untitled “Prometheus” sequel is scheduled for a March 4, 2016 release. The film will star Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. Michael Green wrote the screenplay based on the original draft written by Jack Paglen. Ridley Scott is tentatively scheduled to direct.

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