Possible New Details About THE FORCE AWAKENS Villain From the Teaser Trailer

If you do not want to know anything regarding “The Force Awakens” before the film comes out, it’s probably best to click the back button just to be on the safe side.

I for one, do not really like reporting on spoilers and I very rarely do so but here is one that I think fans can be interested in.

According to Latino Report, a new villain will be seen in the teaser trailer of “The Force Awakens.” Apparently, there are some fans in Europe who have gotten to view the teaser and some are describing the new villain as being a “cyborg” or the “Inquisitor.”

Here is a bit more of a description of the villain, according to Latino Review.

He’s masked (no identity spoilers yet!) and the final design of the mask looks somewhere in between the red-colored Imperial Guards from Return of the Jedi and Darth Reven from Knights of the Old Republic.

Here are a few images that were reported as concept art, which were leaked a few months ago. Some of these images add up to the description.









Now, it’s possible that Latino Review can just be describing the villain straight from the images. We shall see.