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Pokkén Tournament DX adds new fighters Aegislash and Blastoise via DLC

Nintendo revealed today that Aegislash and Blastoise will be joining the battle in Pokkén Tournament DX. The two new Battle Pokémon will be added via a new DLC pack known as the Deluxe Battle Pack.

Aegislash will be the first Pokémon to join the action on January 31st and will be accompanied by Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu who will be new Support Pokémon.

The second wave of content will arrive on March 23rd which will include Blastoise along with Mew and Celebi as Support Pokémon.

The Battle Pack is currently available to purchase for $14.99 and also includes new Trainer Avatar items to download now.

Pokkén Tournament is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.