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PlayStation 5 Design Revealed With Additional Digital Model

Today PlayStation finally revealed in their digital showcase what the PS5 will look like when it launches in Holiday 2020. The console maintains the white, black, and blue look of the controller revealed earlier this year, and it features a more curved design. Along with this reveal were announcements of other accessories, including a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, HD Camera, Media Remote, and charging station for the DualSense controllers.

What came as a surprise was that the PS5 will also have a digital model that doesn’t include a disk drive. It also includes a slightly different stand to compliment it’s thinner form-factor. Both stands will also allow you to set up the consoles horizontally, in case you were wondering how on earth you’d be able to set that up.

PlayStation 5 is still set to launch on Holiday 2020, although no price for either console has been revealed yet.