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Persona 5: The Royal Coming To Asia this October and in the West next year

Back in December we got a teaser from ATLUS about ‘P5R’ which most assumed to be a new version of the hit title Persona 5. This past week we got more details about P5R including the name: Persona 5: The Royal. P5R will feature some new characters and some new scenarios.

The blurb from the official site reads:

“Persona 5”, which has surpassed the total sales of 2.7 million worldwide, is born with many new elements added.

Three semesters of which I could not speak and more fulfilling student life.
A new character that is the key to the depths.
New strong enemy …

You still do not know the real “Persona 5” ……

The news comes during the same week as the Persona Super Concert in Japan where a new title from ATLUS and Koei Tecmo has been announced featuring the cast from Persona 5.

Persona 5: The Royal will be coming to Playstation 4 on October 31st in Japan while the US and Asia will play their hearts out in 2020.